1999 was the year in which Enfield Council working with Arnos West Community Association, The Countryside Commission, funded by the Millennium Commission created the Trust and with public consultation, the plans for the Millennium Green. The Council appointed officer Ian Richardson to manage the creation of the Green and the work of digging and creating paths etc. started in this year. Volunteer work began with the first Tree Planting Day in November, when the entire boundary hedge was planted, as tiny whips, in one day.

Calendar of Events, Operations and ChangesEdit


The weather was fairly wet this year.

The TeamEdit

Jane Schindelholz was the first to volunteer to take a role, agreeing to be the address documents were sent to. The four original trustees, Viv Barthram, Vivien Giladi, Geoff Bylett and Andrew Irvine formed the Trust, signing a trust deed written by Enfield Council, based on the standard Millennium Green document created by the Countryside Commission.

Plant and Animal RecordsEdit

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