2000 was the year in which Enfield Council and the Trust finished the Creation of the Green and officially opened it in the summer.

Calendar of Events, Operations and ChangesEdit

Official Opening EventEdit


The weather was generally wet. The creation of the Children's Mound, in this wet year, created pools in the Loveheart Field for months. Some of the young plants probalby suffered and died as a result of the very wet conditions.

The TeamEdit

The volunteer team took over work from the contractors during this year, with their own tree planting event in November as the first public event operated entirely by the Trust and volunteers.



We achieved quite a lot of publicity in the local newspapers this year, with a blig splash at the Opening Event- where publicity was arranged by the Council Team.

Web SiteEdit

The original website was created in this year, thanks to local resident Stuart Matthew-Brown creating and hosting the site.

Plant and Animal RecordsEdit

The main plant and animal records of the Green were recorded during the years 1999-2000, which we intended to form a benchmark to record new species as we increased biodiversity.

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