2003 was a year of much publicity and high profile for the Green with a visit from Simon Hughes, MP and our best article in the Enfield Independent in July.

Calendar of Events, Operations and ChangesEdit

May 19th- AGMEdit

This event was combined with the AGM of the Arnos West Community Association in the Grove Road Christian Centre.

July-Aug Sport WeekEdit

Free Multi-sports laid on by the Sports Development Team from Enfield Council. Medium success.



Enfield Independent July- major article, including our only ever newspaper Front Page.


Enfield Agenda 21 Magazine issue 11, September, wrote a small article about our volunteer team and the CVT.


Good summer.

The TeamEdit

Rochelle Noor was prominent in this year, with her young friends planting trees etc.

Plant and Animal RecordsEdit

Painted Lady on Buddleja dav. JPEG

Painted Lady on Buddleja all summer

A number of Painted Lady butterflies lived around the Arena this year, flying around the Buddleja davidii all summer.

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