2004 was the year of

Calendar of Events, Operations and ChangesEdit

January- Football Coaching beganEdit

Enfield Council Sports Development offered our football team Football Coaching at Broomfield School once a week. This lasted a few weeks until vandalism caused the school to give up and attempts to get into onto the Green failed.

March Moss HuntEdit

Professional botanist Alan Harrington visited the Green and collected ten species of moss for us, which are currently stored at 79 Springfield Road, in the library.

10th April - Easter EventEdit

Volunteering, Quiz, duck Eggs to paint, Joys ice cream van.


July- Gatlyn Ministry of USA Edit

August- Table SaleEdit





Dry enough summer for us to ask for rain in August in one of our posters.

The TeamEdit

Ibby Aziz passed his CVT.

Plant and Animal RecordsEdit

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