The Year 2014 was distinct as one in which many projects were put in motion and more or less completed. It also had notable weather, from a damp spring to hot, but quite wet summer, so growth was increased and some of the herbaceous perennials were a record size. This was the year in which nearly all the work of the Take the High Road Project was finally actioned on the Green.


Damp Spring, followed by hot summer with a dry spell for a few weeks, otherwise a quite wet year, with consistant sunny mornings and cloudy afternoons for many months into the winter. This continued into the winter, with hardly any snow and locally, various semi-hardy plants surviving the winter into 2015.

Plant Growth etc.Edit

Big hemlock 2

Our Hemlock grew over 3M this year

Growth was generally increased with some herbaceous perennials, such as the Hemlock, Conium maculatum being a record size. The grass grew well into November, with the last mow at the end of the month.

The young trees we intended to move in National Tree Planting Week at the end of November still had their leaves and were definitely not dormant.


Easter EventEdit

Early in the day

NCS and our team preparing the event

This was held with the NCS team assisting. This was the first time we had worked with NCS and it was a complete success, with their team able to assist our event and, in fact to bulk out an event that would otherwise have been tiny, with very few children. Harry created a new version of his find-tokens-for-Easter Eggs, this time with coloured tennis balls. The children had about three adults each, so they lapped up attention of enthusiastic youth. We used the Basic Gazebo for the first time, which was successful, using the windshield as well. The weather was wet for most of the event.
The whole Easter Team 2014

The Youth Team and other volunteers and some of the Children

Art Event for ChildrenEdit

Harry & Kyla

Wind pulling up as they did their art.

This was our second art event and the first on the Green itself. The event was very small, being attended only by a dozen people in all, mainly due to rain all day, with a heavy downpour and very high winds, being the tail end of Hurricane Bertha. We had made our own playdough, so we all made things and drew things, for a small, brief event.
Plaido the Dragon

Plaido the Dragon- a group effort

Changes and ProjectsEdit


Planned as the big thing in 2014, in practice this project was only just started, but the pathway was begun, giving the visitor access we had in mind for the Arboretum.

Mosaic Area ProjectEdit

The Take the High Road Team cut out the pathway for us and our team planted the first few plants beside that path. In September, the team, including two teams from Challenge UK, filled the cut pathway with woodchips, which has transformed the look of the Mosaic, into an attractive area for the first time since the mosaic was begun.
Mosaic Cut Path

Enfield Council cut out the pathway ready for us to fill with woodchips

Kickabout AreaEdit

The stinging nettles were removed from around the pitch.

The Children's GardenEdit

We reduced the big hedge and some trees around much of the garden, letting in much more light, for the first time in years. We cut away especially from the South, leaving plenty of shelter in the North, so that the Garden can be used for tender things. We have dug over the ground and added new soil and compost ready for new flower beds in Spring 2015.

The Tree SeatEdit

The TTHR Team provided a tree seat around the Caucasian Lime in the Daisy Field.

The Arena Edit

Had a jet wash.

The Ant Lands Edit

We removed a thicket of Blackthorn grown wild from suckers.

North Lands Edit

We also removed a thicket of blackthorn grown wild from suckers from the hedge here. This area will be marked out and given over to Cheng to create a small garden.

The Take the High Road TeamEdit

This team from Enfield Council, fronted by Ellie Robles, had been working with the Trust for two years towards making additions and improvements, supported by public consultation, as part of a scheme to improve the small parks of the area in a line down from the Bombie, through the High Road Open Space, to us, at the end of the project. The team had a basic remit to improve the places, particularly aiming to improve the open view of the lands.

List of completed projectsEdit

  • The hedge cutting; scrub removal; digging path; destroying stinging nettles; jet washing the Arena Stones; digging the Mosaic Path, adding bins, adding Entrance signs, adding Maps, adding Interpretation Boards- all completed by the end of the year.

Volunteer NewsEdit

The Ten Year Certificate was handed out for the first time at the AGM to all those who qualified. Long-term volunteer Jane Schindelholz became a trustee in July 2014, the first new one since the start of New Southgate Millennium Green.

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