The Year 2015


The year started with a quite mild winter, with virtually no snow. The early spring was dry, with little rain for weeks, all through March and April. Later on the rain was more normal. Apart from a cold snap in November, the year ended with very mild weather. The roses carried on flowering late and the bulbs were pushing up early.

Plant Growth etc.Edit

This spring was notable for yellow spring Aconites locally, though the Green has very few. This year a large carpet of white violets appeared unexpectedly near the noticeboard area. The Hyacinths planted in the previous winter flowered in March/April and to the team's surprise many daffodils also planted very late, at Christmas, also flowered. Buttercups grew in abundance, for the first time in a decade which we assume was related to the weather.



Harry Blackman was awarded his Ten Year Certificate and Colin Barratt his Certificate of Volunteer Training.


Easter Event and Fun RunEdit

We had our Easter Event for children on the same day as a charity event- the NCS Fun Run for MIND. Although, as usual, there were not many children, they enjoyed themselves and were spoilt with lots of Easter eggs, including £20 worth of eggs, sweets and drink donated by Tottenham IKEA.

The Fun Run was also a success, with money raised and a good experience for the NCS team. Although having the two events at the same time was rather strange for some, the advantages of putting their leaflet on the back of ours, having our staff to hand in case of need for them, and their professional staff to hand in case of our need, outweighed this awkwardness for us.

Art on the GreenEdit

This was our biggest event yet, with over 100 people attending in total. We used our new gas barbecue, our new tables and chairs and our new marquee. We had a range of art activities to suit everyone:

  • Art competition for children
  • Art workshop- printmaking
  • Art gallery
  • Big Picture
  • Face Painting
  • Barbecue etc.

We were sponsored by the Montmorency developers next door, who arranged and paid for our printing including posters, leaflets and banners. We also had food and art donations from IKEA again.

Changes and ProjectsEdit

The Trustees were still keen to ensure that unfinished projects are finished before new ones are started, but ideas kept coming in and being recorded. It was decided that the Arboretum project can stay on the back burner and extending the woodchip path would be the only step taken towards the Arboretum creation. The work on the Grant complicated matters; we became committed to using the new equipment in a major public event as part of the process.

The developers next to us finally started working with us, by jetwashing the Arena and fixing our vandalised mosaic.

Dragon Path ProjectEdit

Some more trees and shrubs were planted along the path and the hedge around the mosaic was started. The box plants dried out and struggled, but a staert has been made and finally the whole project is making more visual sense now.

Woodchip PathEdit

The NCS teams put down the next two sections of the Woodchip Path- from the Dog Circle to the Noticeboard Area, then from the Picnic Bench to the Weld Place Entrance. We have then put in woodchip onto the path through the Children's Garden and over the Nettle Mound, as well as putting a narrow line of woodchips along the Desire Line currently running through the Loveheart Field. This then gives us woodchip path right round half the Green. The idea was then mooted that we might try and arrange a Remote Control Car race around the whole path once it is finished.

Volunteer NewsEdit

September Volunteer WeekendEdit

This was our third year of volunteers coming from NCS for a weekend project. This year the four teams had already visited the Green in the summer and had their work explained to them. Two teams came on the Saturday and another two on the Sunday. Between them, the trimmed the hedges, created new paths and litter picked.


Our first donation from IKEA- £20 of food and drink in Easter, then similar for the Art Event. £500 of sponsorship for the Art Event from the Developer. £4, 500 grant awarded by Enfield Council from their Priority Fund. Some money was taken at the Art Event for food and Face Painting.

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