Although the first Art Event could be said to be the creation of the Dog Mosaic, no-one had actually envisaged involving the public in Art for its own sake until the end of 2012, which resulted in the Volunteer Art Competition in 2013. This was intended to from the basis of an Art Team, by identifying and empowering artists. The ultimate aim, as discussed by the Committee in 2013. has always been to have significant art events on the Green, which can attract publicity, give art and artistic opportunity to the local community and connect the Green with the local Art scene in Enfield etc.

Dog Mosaic

Just finished, grouted by Ibby

== 2012 Dog Mosaic ==

Harry Blackman presented the Mosaic plans at the AGM and it was agreed that Harry and his team could create the Dragon in 2012, subject to succesfully creating a test piece- Harry and Bob Piacentini created the Dog Mosaic in the spring. Ibby and Andrew grouted it and the team set it in the ground soon after.

2012-2013 Dragon Mosaic Edit




2013 Volunteer's Art CompetitionEdit

2014 Children's Art Event Edit

2015 Art Event Edit

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