The Boat Sculpture was created by Sean Curly as the Millennium Feature, required by the Countryside Commission as part of the deal for their grant.

Choosing the Design/SculptorEdit

Certain requirements for the feature were agreed between the volunteers who would form the Trust and the officers of Enfield Council who created the Green. It was agreed that the feature would be a sculpture based on the theme of a boat, to commemorate the book Three Men in a Boat, written by Jerome K Jerome, who had lived nearby as a child. It was also agreed that the sculpture should be interactive- ie something people could climb on/into. A competition was arranged, whereby five designs would be shortlisted with a small prize awarded for each, then the Trust would choose the final design from the shortlist. One of the five, created by sculptor Sean Curly and realised in a clay model, was chosen by the Trust and Mr Curly was commisioned to create the sculpture in time for the opening event in 2012.

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