The Certificate of Volunteer Training was created by the Trust in 2001 to encourage the child volunteers, who at the time were mostly latchkey children, to stay long enough to actually get some work done. At first, they were not too interested, but once an outsider, visiting with her parents, stayed for a few hours working steadily and overtook them all in knowledge and understanding, they decided they wanted to pass too. Ruth Ellenby was the first pupil to pass, at ten years old. The Trust decided to extend the certificate so that everyone who volunteers automatically works towards it. As of 2014, the majority of the volunteers have passed their certificate and it is still being worked on.


The original certificate with the Swedish Whitebeam picture, used until 2014, was created by Andrew Irvine. This was updated by Harry Blackman in 2014 to go with the new Ten Year Certificate design

Calendar of Passing Certificate Edit


Ruth Ellenby


October - Ibby Aziz


April- Archie Cann, Josh Windess, Ashley Carratt

*May- Tayla

Bob Piacentini Lisa T.


Sandy Senior, Luke Trefonis


Colin Barratt



List of those who have passedEdit

In alphabetical order:

  • Aziz, Ibby
  • Aziz, Leyla
  • Barrett, Colin
  • Cann, Archie
  • Carrat, Ashley
  • Ellenby, Ruth
  • Green, Kim
  • Hawkins, Louise
  • Hetherston, Taylor
  • Kephalas, Adam
  • Kestalman, Bernard
  • Lee, Tayla
  • Liadellis, Alex
  • Matthew-Brown, Quintus (James Dorian)
  • Nicola
  • Noor, Rochelle
  • Panayiotou, Jack
  • Panayiotou, Jade
  • Panayiotou, Nina
  • Piacentini, Bob
  • Ridgewell Kim (nee Thrower)
  • Ridgewell, Sam
  • Senior, Sandy
  • Trefonis, Lisa
  • Trefonis, Luke
  • Williams, Mason
  • Windess, Jade
  • Windess, Josh

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