The Challenge UK is a British organisation dedicated to integration in our community. Our Trust contacted their National Citizenship Service team in 2014, with a view to getting volunteers to come and assist in projects on the Green. Their NCS teams have units in each London borough were looking for places where their teams could volunteer in Enfield. Our Trust is always anxious to reach over into the other two local boroughs, so we invited teams from Barnet as well. The success of the two events in 2014 lead both Challenge and ourselves to want to do it all again in 2015.

Challenge NCS 2014 Edit

Challenge assisted in our Easter Event, erecting the gazebos, setting everything out and playing with the children.

The whole Easter Team 2014

The Youth Team and other volunteers and some of the children

Another team came in September to assist in laying down a woodchip path around the Kickabout Area and another one to the Dragon Mosaic.


Working on the pathway.

Challenge NCS 2015 Edit

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