The Daffodil Wood is an area of the Green which is dominated by a group of the original trees, from before the land was a Green. The local Enfield in Bloom group had planted standard yellow daffodils and yellow crocuses there at that time, which remain a major feature there in the Spring. The wood has been extended by planting more trees and daffodils, along with other bulbs, into the whole area within the tarmac paths in the South-East corner of the Green.

The Old St.John's Field Edit

The St.Johns Field was the narrow field next to the Daffodil Wood on the southern side of the Green. It was named after the St. John's wort that grows wild there. Until 2010 the field had been left more or less untouched with just mowing round the edge. The Trust were keeping this as one of the wilder parts of the Green. Seedling oaks appeared from time to time, presumably planted by Jays, but never grew on until around 2011. In 2010, the trust decided to plant up the whole field with trees, including whatever they were given. Work began in the November National Tree Week that year. In 2012, the Committee decided that they wanted the Dragon Mosaic to go into the field, so no more trees were planted near to the mosaic, but we continued to plant trees elsewhere in the field including small trees nearer the mosaic. The path was laid through the St. Johns Field in 2012 and by 2015, young trees were growing up to fill the area, widening the single row of mature trees into a small wood, with a path running through.

The Trees Edit

The trees originally comprised various Ash, Lime (Linden) and Swedish Whitebeam. In 2011, we started to plant other trees into the field that was adjacent to the existing trees to make it more of a woodland and to add to the list of trees on the Green. This has continued as we work toward creating the Arboretum, with various native trees added to the edge of the tiny wood.

The Daffodils and other flowersEdit

in late 2014 we were given 500 bulbs to plant and the majority went into this area.

The ?? PathEdit

The MosaicEdit

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