The Easter Event is one of the few regular annual events that has been going on the Green for many years. Most years it is a small event, run largely by our volunteers from the Dragons social group. The Dragons have always pressed for the event to take place, even when resources are lacking, to keep a continuity going year after year. The key elements are an Easter Egg Hunt of some sort and painting Easter eggs, usually in a competition.

Easter Egg Hunt Edit

Making Easter Eggs

Making Easter Eggs- only one out of eight worked

Since the Green cannot be closed off to hide the eggs, we tend not to hide actual eggs on the Green, but various methods have been used. In the first year, the small eggs were well hidden and the children were given clues to find them. Future years have had a simple scramble for small creme eggs on the football pitch, which is very short, but seems popular enough, in 2013 small tokens where hidden, in the form of small mosaic tiles, so that the children would not be able to find the eggs in advance. So far we have not been able to get a commercial sponsor to donate the eggs, though we have tried. In 2014 the Dragons attempted to make Easter Eggs, with little success.

Painting Eggs Edit

The first year Vivian donated goose eggs to paint. The second year it was duck eggs, then after that we used ordinary chicken eggs because of cost.

Easter Bunny Edit

So far the only time an animal has been brought to the Green apart from pet dogs is Harry's pet rabbit at the Easter Event in 2009.

2013 Edit

Unveiling Side shot

The children lined up and unveiled the Dragon Mosaic together

This year the event was bigger than usual because it was combined with the Unveiling of the Dragon Mosaic, though, as usual, the number of children was about ten. We had a barbecue for the event and for the first time ever a few people came over from Homebase. We also had a visit from Soulbury and from Cricklewood Millennium Greens.

2014 Edit

The whole Easter Team 2014

The Youth Team and other volunteers and some of the Children

This year we had a youth team from Challenge UK to assist in the event, which enabled us to advertise the event to schools. However, rain was predicted for the day and indeed it did rain for most of the day, so the youth team probably equalled the children's numbers at around 12.

2015 Edit

Although Challenge UK/NCS were invited to send a youth team to help with this year's Easter Event, they explained that the youth were expected to create their own event. Since the youth decided to do a sponsored run in the same week as we did our Easter Event, we decided to combine them on the same day. Both events went off OK, with the eight children being spoilt with many eggs and the sponsored run making money for MIND charity.
NCS Fun Run 2015 Mass pic

Fun Run for MIND charity.

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