The Noticeboard Area is the area around the main noticeboard at the corner of Weld Place and Inverforth Road. The Area consists of the Noticeboard unit in the middle, with its trough of ivy above; the paths that split around the Board; the Climber Frame around those paths and out to the Beech Hedge. The whole Area was originally designed and created in 1999 as part of the design put to public consultation that year. . The frame around it was made for climbing plants to surround the boards. The surrounding hedge of copper beech was planted in 2000 as young plants and has been maintained as a sheltering hedge ever since. Like many parts of the Green, the design changed during the Creation of the Green and it continues to develop over time. The Area is considered by the Trust to be a High Profile area of the Green and as such was given someone too look after it specifically. That person has been Mrs Linda Irvine since 2001.

The Noticeboard Edit

The Notice Board is a unique design, created for us by the Enfield Council team at the creation of the Green in 1999.

Upper Notice SectionEdit

The upper section is painted steel, which was originally supposed to have large welded-on clips to hold notices, but (probably for the best) has never had anything to fix notices on, or cover them, so all notices have to be sealed up and stuck to the surface. This results in the paint coming off with the stickytape when posters are removed. The original supposedly tough purple paint surface started to peel off in 2003 and was completely painted over in around 2006. The old paint was not properly sanded and the new green Hammerite surface started to peel within a year. The painted steel double-sided board, with its convex surfaces gives us a large area to put notices on, which, as of 2014. we have never quite filled. It is our intention to keep the board filled with new and eye-catching posters so that people will keep looking as they pass.

Art Posters

Art Posters for the Art Project on the East Side Nov 2014

Main Posters

West side general posters opposite the Art project 2014

Lower SectionEdit

The section below the notices is made of textured, galvanised steel and in contrast to the Notice area above, has never given us any trouble.

Ivy TroughEdit

The Trough above the Notices was filled with soil and planted with Ivy in 2000. As of 2014 it has never had the soil changed, never been fed and has had no replanting since. It has probably not been watered since 2000 and thus represents some of the least maintained plants, performing exactly as designed, on the entire project. The Ivy, Hedera helix had until 2014, only grown downwards over the notices and because of that, is usually trimmed a little a few times a year. Now, it is at last growing up the central pillar and may spread out over the Climber Wires. A decision will then need to be made as to whether this can continue as it will reach and probably dominate the other climbers.

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