We record all reasonable Plans and Ideas, even if we do not intend to do anything about them at this time. We have a policy of planning to do and change things continuously, as this keeps things fresh and keeps our volunteers and our community involved.

Kickabout Area

Having decided that the new mini pitch over the road on the High Road Open space was complimentary to our own pitch, we intend to get ours back into use in 2014. We aim to remove the stinging nettles along the side and put in fencing. During 2014 we recreated the woodchip path around most of it- this should be finished in 2015.

Time Capsule

It was announced at the 2013 AGM that plans could start in 2014 for creating a Time Capsule. The Trust will set up a team to decide what should go in it, when it will be buried etc.

Plans Edit

These are the things that we have agreed to do and are being fitted into our busy schedule over the next few years.

Mosaic Surround 2013- 2014Edit

The task of completing the Mosaic Project was given to Harry Black at the 2013 AGM. He and his team, Ibby, Bob and Geoff came up with a complete plan for a path to the mosaic, combined with planting etc, to create the whole context for the Dragon Mosaic and shield it from casual view from the main pathways etc. Unwanted trees were removed in 2013 and bulbs were planted throughout 2014. The project is ALMOST complete- we just need to get the Rosemary hedge in the ground.

MMG New Path & Mosaic 1

The new woodchip material completes the path to the mosaic, finally integrating it into the layout of the Green

Nature/Feature TrailEdit

Enfield Council have proposed that we create a Nature Trail around the Green. We have sketched out a route around the Green, intending to highlight not only key Natural features but art features we have created as well. As yet we have not exactly resolved what will be done. We imagine creating a Noticeboard/Map; a printed map- perhaps printable from a web-site. We may even arrange to take people around this route and put in markers at certain key places, as they do on Cricklewood Millennium Green. So far Enfield Council have provided maps and markers, now we need to complete the path and produce written guides and a proper internet guide, with aerial video.

Northern Trail Map

This map shows the trail around the Green, which is also part of the plans for the Arboretum

Hedge ReductionEdit

We have made considerable progress on this down the sides of the hedge and now we have set the height of the hedge in some parts, thanks to using the new small platform provided by Homebase. The height of the hedge is a controversial issue, with some people wanting the hedge to remain high, keeping the countryside seclusion of the Green and others wanting it to be lowered. In 2014, Enfield Council lowered the hedge height to around 1.5M so we can start again and see what height we can sensibly cut it. In 2015, the AGM agreed to aim for 1.8M all round the Green, except for Station Road, cut at 2.4M. We have put in a bid to Enfield Council for money for a Platform, to cut the hedge HIGHER on Station Road.

Noticeboard AreaEdit

The Trust has decided, following a consultation with key volunteers and discussion with the Committee, that they will NOT be removing the Noticeboard. Therefore the board needs repainting and the whole Area needs to be looked at with a view to renewal.


We have started on this, by creating the pathway round the Green, which will give our visitors better access to all areas. The pathway, once complete, will form the basis of an Arboretum leaflet and website info. We should continue with labelling, planting etc. after the Mosaic Area is finished.

  • Finish Path
  • Label All Trees with number
  • Label one each of species
  • Create Map
  • Create Map online
  • Publicise/Open


These are the suggestions that people have made, that sometimes kick around for years before being either binned or, more often, eventually taken up.

Renew Dog CircleEdit

Starting with the installation of the Dog mosaic in 2012 the area of the Dog Circle will be renewed over the next few years. We will repaint and move the Black notice, straighten the trees and either plant more of the Blue Alp conifers or replace them.


The trust remain cautious about installing a pond, but began the process of consulting local people by mentioning the possibility in a 30 copy edition of Front Line, which went to just the homes immediately next to the Green in 2013. This process continued with a 200 issue newsletter in early 2014. Our tiny pool has been in place for a decade now, and contains a number of water plants.

Dog-Free Area?Edit

It has been suggested by Amanda that an area be fenced and gated as a Dog-Free area of the Green, to create a more peaceful place where children can play, with less fear of both dogs and dog-mess. This has been discussed at a committee meeting in 2014, but no agreement has been reached.


This idea was described briefly at the 2014 AGM. Andrew would like the geocache community to create one or two on the Green, and made initial enquiries in 2013. However, this idea has never gone any further.

Light etc. on central bin?Edit

The cnetral bin was placed there to get people's litter as they walk the central path, knowing that a lot of litter is dropped along their, but bins right at the edge of the Green over-fill with a lot of street rubbish. However, this bin looks rather ugly as it is. Andrew suggested that we make a lamp-post right up close, with a solar powered light on top. This will make a limited light furthest from the street lights and right on our key bus-stop pathway. Such a post could also support a basic A4 notice board for key notices. This, along with some painting and planting, could make a small island feature rather than a bin in the middle of nowhere.

Grafitti Wall?Edit

This idea, created by local child Louis, has never got far because we do not have a wall, but it has been suggested that we make a temporary feature during the summer. Andrew is reluctant to consider it, as of 2015, because grafitti is on the decrease and this might actually encourage it.

Paint binsEdit

Paint Picnic BenchEdit

Move signsEdit

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