Mosaic Cut Path

Enfield Council cut out the pathway ready for us to fill with woodchips

Take the High Road was an Enfield Council local improvement scheme in New Southgate working from 2012- 2015. This team from Enfield Council, fronted by Council Officer Ellie Robles, supported by public consultation, aimed to improve the small parks of the area in a line down from the Bombie, through the High Road Open Space, to us, at the end of the project. The team had a basic remit to improve the places, particularly aiming to improve the open view of the lands. The Team worked with the Trust from their first visit to our AGM in 2012, through many meetings drawing up plans and going through public consultation. The Team worked from the north downwards, until they had completed all the work on the Council's own lands before returning to the Trust in 2014 to finalise and complete the project. 2014 saw these plans come to fruition, with the hedge cutting; scrub removal; digging path; destroying stinging nettles; jet washing the Arena Stones; digging the Mosaic Path, adding bins, adding Entrance signs, adding Maps, adding Interpretation Boards- all planned to be completed by the end of the year 2014.

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