The Arena was created as part of the original designs for the Green, though the plans for it changed over time during the planning, before its construction in 1999-2000. Originally, the design was to have a spiral path wind round into the very centre of the Arena, with a water feature of a pump, bringing rainwater up from a sump and draining back down. The water feature was removed from the plans due to the belief that there might be liability issues if the water was treated as drinking water. The money to create the spiral path was not available due to overspends on other parts of the project. The spiral plan is the reason why the Arena is not round, it was designed for the flower beds to form part of the spiral.

The Boat Sculpture Edit

The sculpture is the Millennium Feature for New Southgate- the feature that was required by the Countryside Commission as part of their conditions for supporting the creation of the Green.

The Patio Edit

The Arena Beds Edit

The Arc of Trees Edit

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