The Green has had a Tree Planting Event every year since November 17th 1999. The event is always set in the Tree Council's National Tree Week, which is November-December, when the broadlead trees are dormant. The event is no a little later in the year, as Tree Week has been moved by two weeks due to the seasons changing and the trees not being dormant until the very end of November. The event is registered with the Tree Council every year on their website, so somebody could look on the site to find the Tree Week event nearest to them. This resulted in one of our events being featured on television on the Paul O'Grady show.

1999 Edit

This was the very first volunteer event, when around 50 volunteers planted the entire boundary hedge in a single day, plus the first four of our Orchard trees, donated by Homebase.

2009 Edit

Apple tree with support

The only time in 15 years that a Homebase Manager has been to one of our events

This year was an attempt to regain the world record for planting the largest number of trees in one event. The attempt failed, though our Green planted a number of trees, including the apple tree pictured and a number of small native whips provided by Homebase.

2012 Edit

Planting the Ginkgo

Planting Event 2012

This year, the tree planting event was special because it was a memorial to James Irvine, a regular volunteer who died of cancer that year. Two trees were planted and both had James' ashes buried with them. The trees were a Ginkgo and an Elm; they were planted just north of the Kickabout Area. The event was quite formal, with various special visitors, including James' family and various councillors and David Burrows, MP for Enfield Southgate. Athough only these two trees were planted, this was the best attended Tree Planting Event since 1999. In order to ensure that the event would not be washed out, we erected a gazebo over the holes, which had been pre-dug.

2013 Edit

This year Andrew Irvine donated a number of small native trees to further his aim to get all the UK Native trees onto the Green. Unfortunately, most of these trees were small and some were cut or lost in long grass over the next year or so.

2014 Edit

Over time, we have established that we dig up and move or remove trees at this event, since we plant less and less new trees as the Green fills up. In 2014, we were removing more small weed trees than ever, and moving one Hawthorn from the Daffodil Path into the Boundary Hedge. Homebase, as ever, donated a pear tree. We picked this specimen as the biggest and best fruit tree in stock at the time, despite observing that it had a disease. We were confident that if we quarantined it over winter, we could plant it in the spring.

2015 Edit

Removing ash trees and unwanted wild cherries, that have been labelled ready through the year. Planted a cherry tree in the Daffodil wood. Had a bonfire and cooked sausages, which is becoming the norm now.

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